48th GST Council Meeting summary

48th GST Council Meeting summary

  1. E Commerce operators can allow the suppliers to be registered under the composition scheme and unregistered vendors facilitating e commerce for all the micro enterprises.
  2. No decision has been taken for GST rate hike on any Items.
  3.  The second report on casinos and online gaming was not circulated and hence not part of the  48th meeting agenda.
  4. Cess on SUV at 22 % clarified _ applicable if meets 4 criteria-

Popularly known as SUV

Length more than 4000 MM

The engine capacity of more than 1500 cc

Ground clearance equal to or more than 170 mm

5. Few GST rate rationalisation matters were taken up  – GST on pulse husks for cattle feed ( including chilka and concentrates) was reduced to nil from 5%. Further, the concessional 5% GST on ethyl alcohol.

6. Decriminalisation of three kinds of offences under GST Obstruction of duties of an officer, the threshold amount of tax for launching criminal offence under GST increased from the current limit of Rs1 crore to 2 crores.

7. No GST on insurance is levied on the No claim bonus offered by insurance companies


GST is applicable on house Rent