GST Section 62 Assessment of Non- Filers of Returns

GST Section 62 Assessment of Non- Filers of Returns

According to Central Goods and  Services Act 2017 section 62 says about assessment of non filers of returns. As per section 62  proper officer can do best judgement  assesstment.


Best Judgement Assessment under GST

In the best judgment assessment, an assessing officer assesses based on his reasoning and using the information available. The assessment will be made without any having any bias. Under GST, best judgement assessment becomes applicable in 2 situations-

  • 1. When a taxable person has not filed a return
  • 2. When a person has not registered for GST even though he is liable to
  •  If a taxpayer does not file his  GST return timely or even a notice issued under section 62.  A proper may  do best judgement assessment under GST Act.

If the assessee fails to furnish the return with within 15 days of issue of notice under section 46 then the Proper Officer may assess the tax liability in to the best of his judgment, taking into account all the relevant material available on record, and issue an assessment order.This process  called  best judgment assessment.

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