HDFC Bank NetBanking Login – ITR E-Verification Online

HDFC Bank NetBanking Login – ITR E-Verification Online

HDFC netbanking login can be use for ITR E-verification  online. Once a assessee filed his Income Tax return for a particular assessment year need to  be E – verified. Income tax department gives various option to verified his income tax return.

There are given many way which we can  verified income tax return

1.ITR V print out send Bangalore

2. Netbanking login

3. Aadhar everifaction

4. Through Bank

5.Throught demate account

6.Throught ATM

Assessee   signed ITR V  send to  central processing centre Bangalore  it  is a time taking process 15 days to 30 days many time  signed ITR V did not reached to Bangalore . So government start a new technics  and gives many options to an assessee to income tax return verification.


Electronic verification code (EVC) is  simple technics’  to  income tax return verifaction. Electrinic verification code (EVC) is a ten digit alphanumeric code. EVC is unique to permanent  account number ( PAN). One EVC  code can verified on  ITR. If you verified your income tax return  through EVC you ned not to send ITR V singed print out to central processing cell Bangalore.

HDFC bank give facility to his netbanking customer to  verified income tax return through EVC.  If your are HDFC netbanking user than  go to HDFC netbanking portal put  login ID and password. There is gives income tax  filing tab on the home page.  On selecting the e verify option the page will send to  e filing portal. Clicking on  my account  on the e filing page will generate the EVC which will be send to your  registered  mobile and Email ID with bank using this EVC and verified your income tax return.


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