How to apply for registration of MSME /SSI/ Udyog Aadhar

How to apply for registration of MSME /SSI/ Udyog Aadhar

Micro,Small & Medium Enterprises or Industries registration there is given a simple form  for registration.It is a Government of India registration. If any person register his /her business into it there is lots of benefits. So that  every Micro, or Small,or Medium enterprises should registered and become a responsible citizen of India.

It will be proud of India.-

1. Aadhaar Number-  You should fill 12 digit Aadhaar number.

2.Name of Entrepreneur/ Applicant- Here you should fill  name printed on Aadhar card.

3.Social Category- Select the Social Category of applicant like General,SC ST OBC

4.Gender- Select the gender provided option.

5. Physically Handicapped: If any other wise left blank

6.Name of Enterprise/ Business- If business has any trade name or registered name

7.Type of Organisation- Select any one of the following

a.Proprietorship Firm

b.HUF ( Hindu Undivided Family)

c.Partnership Firm

d.Co-operative Society

e.Company Private limited

f.Company Limited


h. Trust

8.PAN-Fill  Permanent Account Number

9.Location of Plant ( Address)- Fill address where plant/business situated or working place address.

10.Office address- If office address is different  please fill.

11.Mobile no.- Fill  mobile no.

12.Email Id-Fill Email ID

13.Date of Commencement of Business- Fill date of business start.

14.Bank Account Number.- Fill bank account number of business holder

15. IFSC Code.- Fill your bank  IFSC code.

16.Main Business Activity of Enterprise-  Select Manufacturer or service provider

17. NIC 2 Digit Code- Select the 2 digit Nic Code.

18.Additional details about Business-  If any otherwise left blank

19.Number of employees- Fill  total number of people been employed.

20.Investment in Plant & Machinery/Equipment- Fill total investment made in business.

21. Attachment- Attach scan copy of your Aadhar

Registration Form

Registration Certificate

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