How to change existing Company Name

 How to change existing Company Name

Existing  company can change it name if company members  want to change.

Why need to change existing company name.

There may be following reason

1. If  company member want to change  it name from WERT limited to ADF Limited

2.If company convert  Public company to Private limited.

3. If company convert Private limited to  Public Limited.

4. Any other mode according to Companies Act 2013

Company need to  be altered  it Memorandum of Association and Article of Association.

According to section 13(2) of the companies Act 2013 any company can change their name by passing a special resolution.

Company need to apply New name of company through run form.

While selecting   new name some point need to take attention

-is identical  with or resemble too nearly to the name of an existing company registered under this act or any previous company law.

– will constitute an offence under any law for the time being in force.

-is undesirable in the opinion of the Central Government.

-any word or expression which is likely to give the impression that the company is in any way connected with or having the patronage of the central  or any State Government or any local  authority etc.

– Such word or expression as may be prescribed.

Board Resolution

Board meeting should be called for passing a resolution for change the company name.

The board of directors will discuss about new name and approve the new name, Authorized person of company should check name availability with ministry of company affair

Checking name availability

The authorized director or any other person will apply in Run Form to MCA after checking the name availability. After applied new name and deposit prescribed fee for name approval. ROC will consider upon new name if deem fit according to Companies Act 2013 approved such name.

Passing Special Resolution

After  name approved by ROC the company should call for an extraordinary general meeting. A special resolution will passed  for name change and also  for alter in Memorandum of Association and Articles of association.

Applying to Register of Company

According to companies Act 2013 now company need to file Form-14

Following documents need to file with MGT-14

-Certified copy of Special Resolution

-Explanatory statement of Extraordinary general meeting

-Notice of EGM

-Altered Memorandum of Association

-Altered Articles of association

After MGT-14 is filed the company requires to file INC-24 with the MCA for taking approval of the Registrar of Company.

Issue  a certificate of incorporation

If the Registrar of Companies is satisfied with the documents filed by company. ROC will issue a new certificate of incorporation. After received new certification of incorporation company needs change name in  the Memorandum of Association and Article of Association.


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