Income tax filing Chartered Accountant fee

Income tax filing Chartered Accountant fee 


Computation of total income

Who need to file income tax return ?

Chartered Accountant



Income or

What do you mean by income ? or

What is income as per Income Tax Act 1961

Income is a money which received by individual or a body corporate in exchange of  selling of goods, providing of service and idea, or investing capital for  certain time. Income received in excess of cost of production of goods or service. Any thing which can reasonable and probably be described as income.


Computation of total income

Total income  define under Section 2 (45) of Income Tax Act 1961, total income income is computed under five heads of income income computed under each head.

Five head of income

  1. Income from Salary
  2. Income from House Property

3.Income from Business and profession

4.Income from capital gain

5.Income from other source

after computation of total income deduct certain allowable deduction under chapter VI A of Income Tax Act.


Who need to file income tax return ?

Section 139 (1) requires that every person

(a) being a company or a firm; or

(b) Being a person other than a company or a firm if his total income exceeded the maximum amount which is not chargeable to income tax or total income of any other person in respect of which is assessable under the Income Tax Act. shall furnish a return of his income or the income of such other person. Income tax return must be furnished in the prescribed form on or before due date and verified in the prescribed manners.


Chartered Accountant

Chartered Accountant is an expert in tax law’s  it is recognized  through out world,like India, United Stated of America, Russia ,England, France  and so many  other countries. According to Companies Act 2013 section 2 (17) Chartered Accountant mean  Chartered Accountant define under section 2 (10 of Chartered Accountant Act 1949.



What should charge fee for any assignment it decided as minimum scale  by Institute of chartered Accountant of India.

Normally income tax return filing charges start from  Rs.1,000 to 10,000 it depend on work

Like Salary Income return it will less fee

Company income tax return it will be higher


Revised Minimum Recommended Scale of Fees for the Professional Assignments done by the Chartered Accountants

Institue of Chartered Accountant



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