Is MGT -7 Mandatory for all Companies ?

Is MGT -7 Mandatory for all Companies ?

According to provision of Companies Act,2013 every company must held annual general meeting every year.

Section 92 says every company shall prepare a return in MGT-7 containing the particulars as following

1.Address of Registered office.

2. Shares, Debentures and other securities pattern.

3. Company  indebtedness

4. Remuneration of directors and  key managerial personnel

5.Its members and debenture holder along with changes therein since the close of the previous financial year.

6. Meeting of  board of directors

7.Penalty or punishment imposed on company.

8.Matters relating to certification of compliances disclosures.

Therefore we can say that MGT-7  is mandatory  to file all companies in India.





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