List of Top Ten Google Ranking Factors for a website

List of Top Ten Google Ranking Factors for a website

When any person put a query in Google search your website content show/ provide on top position so that he click on your website page/content Ensuring that links on your website aren’t broken and link to keyword and content relevant pages boosts domain authority which is key in how Google ranks websites. Focusing your links and content around competitive and relevant keywords is vital in targeting users to find your site content and land them on your page.

Top rank in the list of search result shall greater chance to click on your website content

1.Relevance of overall page contents: Page content should be higerly reliable and accurate.

2.Quality of linking sites & pages: Top rank also depend on how many websites are link form your website and what is rank of link website

3.Mobile Friendliness: Top rank website need user friendly and mobile friendly because 80 to 85 percent user are using mobile.

4.Use of query relevant word and phases: Website content should be fully satisfactory to user for their query.

5.Domain’s perceived word expertise authority & Trust: Domain name should should be expertise.

6.Quality & diversity of linking websites: How many websites are link and what is quality & diversity of these website.

7.Exact match key word use: When a user search a query in Google Search engine word should be exact match.

8. Content’s  accuracy: Content of page should be quality oriented.

9. Back links:How many back links with website.

10. HTTPS: Your website domain should be Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. Secured

11. User experience: What is user experience with your website because content are prepared for user only . User should be fully satisfyed .

12. Content depth: For Top rank website, your website content should be Depth.

Therefore above mentioned factors are main factors but there are around 200 factors that affect top Google rank of your website.

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