Section 194C TDS on payment to contractor

Describe Section 194C.

According to Section 194C, any of the following parties listed below who are accountable for paying any amount to the resident contractor for performing any work (including the supply of labour), pursuant to a contract between the contractor and them:

Any state or local government, as well as the federal government
Any business formed by or in accordance with a federal, state, or temporary law
Almost any cooperative society
Any organisation established in India by or pursuant to any law that is tasked with addressing and meeting housing accommodation needs, or with planning, developing, or improving cities, towns, and villages, or with both. Any society registered under the Society Registration Act, 1980.

or under any similar Act in any Part of India,

comparable law,
Any trust Any university,

regardless of its status

Any business.

What does “work” mean in the context of Section 194C?


The term “labour” in this section might refer to:

production of shows for such broadcasting or telecasting as well as broadcasting and telecasting
any form of transportation, excluding railroads, for the conveyance of goods and people
Making or supplying a product in accordance with a client’s requirements or specifications using supplies obtained from that customer or a third party associate as defined in section 40A(2), but does,

Tax on short term capital gain