Threshold limits for e-way bills for Various State

Threshold limits for e-way bills for Various State

Under Goods and Service Tax Act there is a provision to  require a e-way bill for tracking goods movement from one place to other place. This provision is for avoid tax  evasion. Our country many people did not pay GST tax although they are eligible but  GST officer not bother about actually tax collection and   GST tax collection should be. They are sitting in air-condition room not visit on the ground. When the goods move from one place to other place the transports are required to carry on e-way bill while transporting.

CGST rules set a specified limit in general Rs50,000 up to  goods value. If  goods value exceed the specified limit Rs 50,000 need to carry an e-way bill while transporting GST goods from one place to other.

There many states who rise the specified limit Rs50,000 to Rs 1,00,000


2. Delhi




6. Rajasthan

7. Tamil Nadu

8. West Bengal

 Some state there is not requirement of e way bill


2.Jammu and Kashmir

All other states required a e way bill when exceed the  specified limit is Rs 50,000 of goods value for each consignment.


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