Today Commodities Price 9-3-2022

Today Commodities Price 9-3-2022

Commodities  is a thing or service that is  usually useful for society and has value in the market.  Commodities is freely exchangeable in the maket. The commodity is derived from the french word commodite that means amenity or convenience. Increase demand for infrastructure projects and the growing industries will boost the prices of commodities.     Commodity market - definition and meaning - Market Business News Commodities and commodity stock usually provide return due to value increase or decrease time to time accordingly demand of commodities. Commodities price today, Commodities price, Commodities Market,mcx live 24,   Agriculture Commodities price today, Commodities  market in india,mcx silver, commodity trading, mcx gold price today,

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GOLD 5 April 2022  54892
SLIVER 5 May 2022 72691
ALUMINIUM 31 Mar 2022 280
COTTON 31 Mar 2022 37230
CRUDE OIL 21 Mar  2022 9692
LEAD 31 Mar 2022 188
COPPER 31 Mar 2022 842
NATURAL GAS 28 Mar 2022 352
MENTHAOIL 31 Mar 2022 1021
ZINC 31 Mar 2022 329
NICKEL 31 Mar 2022 3370

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