Today petrol price in major  Indian cities 23-5-2022

 Today petrol price in major  Indian cities 23-5-2022


Central Government change his policy revised petrol prices every fortnight to revised daily basis in India. This policy create uncertainties in the market a customer visit to petrol pump see new price every day. Why this change every day they said because of USD rate change every day. This practice  started with effect from 15 June 2017.

In India major companies of petrol provider are Bharat Petroleum, India Oil and Hindustan . India many people say it

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Many Factor affecting  today petrol price

 Demand:  India is a major consumer of Oil because of  number of vehicle and higher people . India is developing countries in the world due to economic growth of India demand is higher.

Cost of Crude oil: International  market also change  crude oil price time to time.

Tax Rates:  There is huge amount of Tax include in Oil price. Central Government and respective state Government impose tax on oil price.

Rupee to Dollar Exchange Rate:  USD exchange rate also major factor which influence the price of petrol in India because Indian oil companies pay  in USD to  a oil company from imported oil.

Petrol price in new Delhi, Mumbai

City Name

 Today Petrol Price

New  Delhi        105.41
Mumbai       120.51
Kolkata        115.12
Chennai         110.95
Jaipur        118.63
Bangalore         111.09
 Gurgaon        105.49
  Hyderabad        119.49
   Chandigarh        104.74
   Noida        105.60
   Lucknow        105.25
Bhubaneswar        112.50
Trivandrum        116.92
  Patna        117.11

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