Today Silver Price in India 17-9-2021



Today Silver Price in India 17-9-2021


Silver price in India is most attractive metal after Gold. Silver is also purchase on wedding  time. Many Jewellery also made with silver. Silver price are determined buy demand and international market. If dollar rate become strong than Silver price up. There is a currency game in international market rupee become weaker and weaker day by day.

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Sliver price always low as compare  to Gold because gold demand is high than sliver.  Sliver price is  depends on other factors also. Many people search it, today silver price,today silver rate, silver rate in India,chandi ka bhav,aaj ka chandi ka bhav

Updated on 17/09/2021,

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पेज नेविगेशन

 Today silver per per gram/1kg in India

Gram Today rate Yesterday rate Price Change
1 KG 62800 63400 600
 100 Gram  6280 6340 60
10 Gram 628 634 6
 8 Gram  502.8 507.2 4.8
 1Gram 62.8 63.4 0.6

Today Gold Price in India 17-9-2021




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