What type of business can be ?

What type of business can be ?

Business is a activity of buying and selling a product & service as way of earning money in the market. Business activity can be run by a person or an origination or enterprises or entity engaged in commercial activity.

There are many type of businesses

  1. Sole proprietor
  2. Partnership
  3. Private limited company
  4. Public limited company
  5. Government company

There are other more type  businesses


2.Co-operative society


4. NGO

What is Sole proprietor

Sole proprietorship business is a business activity that run by a person on the basis of his personal name or PAN.


General Store

Electric shop

Dairy products shop

Hardware shop

Software shop


Partnership Firm

Two or more person come together through a legal agreement called partnership deed by defined share of  profit and loss in the business.

Private limited company

A private company need to registered with Register of company in respective states or Union territory of India. There is legal  formality and documents require for company registration.

Public Limited Company

A public limited company under Companies Act 2013 is a company which can  issue shares and debenture   general public.

Government company

Government company mean a company in  which 51%  or more share held by Central Government or States Government.


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