Farmer E commerce platforms

Farmer E commerce platforms

According to digital market there should be a farmer e commerce platforms.  This farmer e commerce platforms should provide by government of India so that delivery cost can be reduce or without profit making.

E-commerce policy draft tightens rules for Amazon, Facebook, but, friendly to local startups - The Financial Express


Benefit of  farmer e commerce platforms

  1. Intermediary can be reduce up to zero.
  2. Multiple loading and unloading charge can be reduce.
  3. Cheaper product will be available customer
  4. Fresh product reach to customer
  5. Farmer and customer direct contract
  6. Multiple commission can be avoided because at present there is 10 or more intermediary persons involve in agriculture product.
  7. intermediary person earn profit in one day without tension of Rain,Cold, Toofhan etc.
  8. Farmer sale his product at Rs.2 to 5 per kg. Same product cost reach at Rs. 30 to 50 per kg. There is huge profit charge by intermediary.
  9.  Every person can participate to help farmer.


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