GDP of India

GDP of India

GDP mean Gross Domestic Product

GDP is a monetary value of goods and services produced in a country during a specified period of time. GDP  growth rate should be increase in a country every year. GDP growth rate is important indicator of the economic performance of a county. There are three method  to  measures GDP.

The Origination  for Economic  Co-operation and Development ( OECD) describes GDP as an aggregate production measure equal to the amount of the gross value produced by all resident and institutional units involved in the production and services.

An International Monetary Fund reports states that GDP measures the monetary value of final goods and services which are purchased at the end of the year.

India’s GDP

Every country has major economic  sectors that contribution to GDP.  In India contributions to GDP are mainly divided in to three sector agriculture and allied services, industry and service sector. In India GDP is measured as market prices and the base year for computation is 2011-12

GDP at market prices= GDP at factor cost+ indirect Taxes- Subsidies

GDP estimates for 2021-22 the growth in real  GDP during  2021-22 is estimated at… as  compared to …..

The annual GDP  Percentage

Year                                                   GDP Growth %

2001                                                   4.82

2002                                                   3.80

2003                                                   7.86

2004                                                  7.92

2005                                                  7.92

2006                                                  8.06

2007                                                 7.66

2008                                                 3.09

2009                                                  7.86

2010                                                8.50

2011                                                  5.24

2012                                                 5.46

2013                                                 6.39

2014                                                 7.41

2015                                                 8.00

2016                                                8.26

2017                                                 7.04

2018                                                  6.12

2019                                                  4.18

2020                                                 5

2021 ( Forecast )                      8.6

Entire World face lockdown due to Chain. When world give punishment’s to Chain on speared corona virus in the world . Why United Nation silent on corona Virus issue.  If world faced entire lockdown there is unfair to talk on GDP because if a person work than we can assess his performance. Current year GDP may increase. GDP assessment  per quarter.

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