How to Generate E way Bills on eway bill portal

How to Generate E way Bills on eway bill portal


Eway Bill is a bill that to  be generated on eway bill portal online for movement of goods   from one place to another place . Some person try to avoid GST Tax so Government track such persons.

Main Purpose of E Way Bill

E-way bill is a mechanism to ensure that goods being move from one place to another being transported comply with the GST law and is an effective tools to track movement of goods so that identify tax evasion

When is an e-way bill generated

All  taxpayer must be generated e way bill before the goods are shipped for any place.

Information to be furnished prior to commencement of movement of goods and generat of e way bill every registered person who causes movement of goods of consignment value exceeding  fifty

Thousand rupees

  1. in relation to a supply or
  2. for reasons other than supply; or
  3. due to inward supply from an unregistered person shall before commencement for such movement furnish  information relating to the said goods.


Eway bills in EWB-01 can be generated by  following two methods

  1. Via SMS
  2. By e- Invoicing

Requirement of eway bill Generation

First you should  be registered on Eway bill portal

Open a internet broger and type


Or click

Eway bill portal  will display as


After it click on write side on three lines

On the portal display as

Click on registration

Eway bill registration

Enter GSTIN number and cachup code

And fill required details

User ID

And Password

After successfully submission

Your GSTIN number registration is completed

Now you can generate eway bill after enter user ID and password on the eway bill portal

Step to generate e-way Bill on the e- Way Bill Portal

Step 1 Login to the eway bill portal

Enter the user name password and Captcha code, Click on Login

Step 2: Click on Generate new bill option appearing on the left hand side.

Step 3: Enter the following fields on the screen that appears

1.Transaction Type: Select Outward if you are a supplier a supplier of goods, if you a recipient of consignment select inward

  1. Sub-Type: Select the relevant sub type applicable to you.
  2. Select document type
  3. Enter document no.
  4. Select document date
  5.  Select Form/To
  6.  Consignment  Details

-Product name

-HSN Code



– Goods description

-Value/ Taxable value

– Tax rate

– Tax rate of cess if any

  1. Transporter details: Select mode of transporter

Road or

Rail or

Ship or


Distance covered in KM need to be entered

Transporter name,Transporter Document no. and date or Vehicle number in which consignment is being transported.



Click on Submit

The system validates data entered

If validated successfully your Eway bill is ready for printing


Dir -3 KYC  due date financial year ending 31st March 2021

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