List of document required for GST registration


List of document required for GST registration

What are all the documents required for GST registration?

The following documents are required for GST registration:-


For a Company


  1. PAN card of company
  2. Certificate of registration of company
  3. Memorandum of Association/ Articles of Association
  4. PAN and Aadhar,Photo of all directors
  5. Address proof of principal place of company
  6. Proof of appointment of authorized signatory
  7. Digital Signature


For a Sole Proprietorship


1.PAN and Aadhar of sole proprietor


2.Photograph of sole proprietor


3.Address proof of Business place


For a Partnership Firm


1.PAN and Aadhar of all partners


2.Photograph of all partners


3. Address proof of business places


4.Proof of authorized signatory appointment


For Society,Club, Trust


  1. PAN card of Society/club/Trust
  2. . Certificate of Registration
  3. PAN and Photograph of all promoters
  4. Address proof of business
  5. Proof of authorized signatory
  6. Digital Signature

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